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The Hidden Story of Cancer

Around the world, The Hidden Story of Cancer is gaining immense respect and recognition from doctors and laymen alike. Based on ground-breaking science and years of intense study and research, this landmark book finally makes the prime cause of cancer crystal clear and outlines in simple, easy terms exactly what is needed to protect yourself from this terrifying disease.


What readers are saying about
The Hidden Story of Cancer:

June 6, 2006

Dear Brian,
I applaud you deeply for bringing Dr. Otto Warburg's works to the attention of the layperson. I ordered your book,"The Hidden Story of Cancer" last week after reading the book review in my current issue of the NEXUS magazine. I received the book and must say I couldn't put it down. I am singing from the tree tops and telling all my friends and family members that this book just has to be on all coffee tables in America! Thank you Brian.

Cynthia C., LMT


July, 29th 2006


Dear Brian,

Although The Hidden Story of Cancer addresses cancer prevention, I thought it could be beneficial for anyone considering purchasing this book, to know how many more medical conditions can be helped by implementing the findings in this remarkable book. Our son, Rick, who is almost 11 years old now, has what is called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a condition which causes benign tumours to grow in the brain. Because of that he has severe intractable seizures.

When he was three years old, we put him on the so-called “ketogenic diet,” because, after trying 20 different prescriptions, no seizure medication helped him. NONE ever made him even close to seizure-free. The ketogenic diet is a special method of treating epilepsy (seizure disorders). That diet did work for him for a while, but finally, the seizures returned, as fierce and powerful as ever. We didn’t know what to do anymore.

We couldn’t take him off the ketogenic diet, for that made his seizures worse altogether, so we knew that too many carbohydrates were not good for him. We learned as much as we could about carbohydrates, protein and oils. And finally we realized that it was not only the high carbohydrates that made him sick, but also the wrong kinds of fat. We learned about fats and oils and decided to put him on olive oil and fish oil capsules. Well, even though we knew those oils were a better choice, we didn’t see any change in his behavior or decrease in the frequency or intensity of his seizures.

For years we changed oils, trying all kinds of renowned fish oils on the market, from supermarket stuff to real expensive deep sea fish capsules, but nothing ever made a dent in the seizures he had and he didn’t get any better.

We even tried so-called “omega capsules” from a well known autism institute. They gave us cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. But Rick got worse. His seizures skyrocketed and he became very ill.

Then we took away all the oils, because the physicians said the worsening seizures could be a side-effect of the oils because of Rick’s autism. We never tried anything but olive oil after that. Although we knew that there was something healthy about omega3/6/9 in oils, we didn’t know what it was that was going to help Rick, so we stopped looking.

Then, after a few years of following Brian Peskin’s recommendations for my own health-related issues and seeing good results, I was finally confident enough and trusted Brian’s knowledge enough to try them with my son.

It was the best choice I have made for Rick so far. Within days of implementing the recommendations in this book, Rick became much more stable, so that now he is almost seizure-free. Now any seizures last for a couple of minutes and only occur once or twice a day. Before he had major Grand Mal seizures throughout the day. Rick is much more alert, his cognitive skills are so much better now and he is feeling so great! He has a radiant and shining skin, while before his skin was dry and needed to be moisturized every day. He is not sleeping during the day anymore and sleeps much better at night.

We have been able to reduce the ketogenic diet to a normal lower carbohydrate diet. Now my son is growing normally. Before implementing your recommendation, his growth had fallen very much behind average.

We are very thankful for finding this scientific information, especially the correct EFA requirements. If following your suggestions could help my son, imagine what it must be doing internally for the average person! Personally, I have never felt better.

My best to you Brian,
Lilian Beukhof, Veenendaal, the Netherlands.


“I want to compliment you on your great new book The Hidden Story of Cancer which I learnt about in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.

It is wonderful to come across an author who can cut through all the hype. You uniquely analyze huge amounts of research and weed out studies where the conclusions are unreliable or even in conflict with their results. Your wonderful book draws clear conclusions from the mass of confusion.

Your book is a masterpiece. I hope it will be widely read and will thereby help bring about a new understanding in medical circles and by the general public of the very simple lifestyle changes that need to be followed to greatly reduce the occurrence of cancer or even to virtually eliminate it completely.

Simon Bonytho
Bangkok, Thailand


"...You are a real blessing to all mankind."

Mary D. Ulsh (via e-mail)


Dear Brian,

As I told you several weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a PSA level of 6 and my biopsy said I had prostate cancer. I told my doctor I was going to follow your plan for a month, he okayed it and kind of rolled his eyes and said "Sure we caught it soon enough, but when you come back, if this doesn't work, how do you want to handle it?" I told him I would do the "seed" and he said it was good I was keeping my options open. When I left his office, I heard him say something derogative about alternative health.

A month later, I went back into his office, he looked through my charts and didn't say anything. I grinned and said, "My levels are down, aren't they?" He shook his head and said, "Yeah". I then asked him how far they had dropped, and he replied, "1.9". I said to him, "That's good, isn't it?"and he goes, "Yeah" as he was still shaking his head. I made sure that there would be no surgery, radiation, or chemo and again he said, "Yeah, no need for that." He said that he would like me to return in 4 months to check my PSA levels again. I told him that it was okay because I was sure they would be down even further by then. I showed him your book and told him it was not hype it was science and he then asked me for your web site.

Again, thank you for your wonderful book and please feel free to use any or all of this letter.

Yours respectively,

W. Thomas Middleton (via e-mail)


Physicians and their patients around-the-world owe you a big ‘thank you.’ As a family and integrative physician, I carefully read your book and articles paying close attention to your references. I am an enthusiastic supporter of your program. Dr. Atkins’ first book started me on this path and you provide the missing information — the missing links and scientific support — that eluded Dr. Atkins. I am strongly recommending this book to all my patients.” Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O., (Family and Integrative Medicine), USA

“This eye-opening book presents the most thoroughly researched anticancer program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed how their energy levels have skyrocketed by following the book’s simple-to-follow program.” Clive Fields, M.D. (Family Practice), USA

This information could prove to be one of the most significant health discoveries of the 21st century. It is extraordinary. Finally, an effective and practical program of cancer prevention. Brian Peskin has put together a program that must be called ‘brilliant.’ It is a must … for all.” Stephen Cavallino, M.D., (Emergency Physician), Italy

"To save your health and your life you must read this book. This information has transformed me, my practice and my patients. I have followed the information about essential fatty acids for the past 25 years, but my patients did not see the results that the researchers reported. The discovery in this book makes sense and finally patients are reporting improvements. I hope other physicians will become aware of this groundbreaking information.” Abram Ber , M.D. (Homeopathic Physician/Preventive Medicine), USA

“Earth-shattering and historically significant.” David Sim, M.D., (Interventional Cardiologist), USA

“...Very well researched with complete medical references. Wording is very simple and easily understood, yet thorough. Everyone should read this book and follow the recommendations.” F. Hajjar, M.D. (Pediatric Cancer Specialist), USA

“The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age brings us the most insightful nutritional cancer discovery of the 21st century! No one else is even close to matching his deep insight and understanding.” Robert Nemer, D.O. (Cosmetic Laser Physician), USA

“An amazing insight into EFAs that everyone needs to know.” Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. (Editor-in-Chief: Second Opinion Newsletter), International

"Phenomenal research and top-notch writing.” Shane Ellison, M.Sc., (Drug Chemist), USA

“Peskin follows the Nobel Prize-winner Otto Meyerhof by brilliantly bringing engineering into the fields of physiology and biochemistry. His anticancer discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize.” Charles Jannuzi, (Articulatory Phonology), University of Fukui, Japan

"Everyone should read this book and follow the recommendations." F. Hajjar, M.D., (Pediatric Cancer Specialist), USA


Book Review - Nexus New Times Magazine, July/August 2006

"This is one of the most important books you could ever read if you want to understand and prevent cancer. Certainly, cancer prevention is the focus of nutritional and medical scientist Brian Peskin in this book co-written with clinical researcher Dr. Amid Habib, who believes Peskin’s anticancer regimen also helps against obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses…. As well as providing scientific and clinical back-up for this argument, the authors suggest a simple, five-step anticancer plan…. This advice has benefits not just in protection but in combating ill effects of radiotherapy and improving cancer remission chances. This is a groundbreaking thesis that deserves worldwide recognition.
(emphasis added)

Click here to read full review

Book Review - Caduceus Magazine,
Issue 69

"This is a must-read for cancer patients and their physicians. …In conclusion, Peskin and his collaborator Habib have courageously picked up a tiger by the tail in promoting the ideas of Warburg against an orthodox cancer research that stubbornly dismisses such approaches, relentlessly pursuing drug-based therapies, but they nevertheless point the most promising way forward in cancer treatment, long overdue for serious research and clinical attention.”
(emphasis added)

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